Greenwich needs a new drive against loneliness

Loneliness heatmapLike other councillors in Greenwich, I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year knocking on doors.  In fact, I’ve spent most of the seven years I’ve been involved in Greenwich politics doing this, pretty continuously and across the borough, in the course of six election campaigns in that time.

During each of those campaigns – and through my casework and at our weekly surgeries – I have often been struck by how many people I speak to who are either clearly experiencing loneliness, or indeed tell me they are. Continue reading Greenwich needs a new drive against loneliness

Supporting Renew New Eltham this morning in support of #MoreInCommon

Along with candidates from all parties, I paused my campaign this morning in memory of Jo Cox, and in support of the excellent #MoreInCommon initiative from the Jo Cox Foundation.  Candidates across the UK are joining community projects in celebration of the values that Jo stood and campaigned for (more information on BBC News here).

The team and I helped the Community Association of New Eltham‘s summer planting outside the shops – part of the community’s Renew New Eltham initiative to look after the village.

CANE planting