Time for Leave MPs to move on – and back the PM’s deal

EU referendum polling cardIn a letter in today’s Daily Telegraph, I’ve joined with 50 other Conservatives who campaigned for Leave to urge MPs in the European Research Group to vote for the PM’s revised Brexit deal, if and when it is brought back to the House of Commons.

The deal is far from perfect – it’s a compromise.  It was always going to be a compromise, and Conservative colleagues in Parliament need to accept that fact and move on.  If they don’t, they are putting at risk everything we campaigned for in the referendum. Continue reading Time for Leave MPs to move on – and back the PM’s deal

Bringing Boris back to Eltham

Yesterday I was delighted to bring the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, back to Eltham, to check up on his £2.8 million investment in our High Street when he was Mayor of London.

We spoke to shoppers and visited local businesses along the High Street – and it was particularly great to hear that so many business owners are supporting me in this election.  Like Theresa May, they know that the only way our local economy here can continue to thrive is by getting the right Brexit deal.

Boris was a force of nature, and was mobbed for selfies along the way, as ITV London’s video feed shows!

Here’s a few words from us both on why the election result here in Eltham is so crucial – and why I’m asking for your support next Thursday.

It was also great to meet with Ibrahim Oruc, who runs the superb Mega Bite cafe on Westmount Road, to talk about the opportunities that getting Brexit right can bring to our economy – including small businesses like his.

Boris Johnson and Matt Hartley visit Mega Bite cafe on Westmount Road

Syed Kamall MEP visits Eltham

Syed Kamall MEP and Matt Hartley

I was pleased to be joined on the campaign trail in Eltham by my old friend Syed Kamall MEP today.

As well as being a tireless campaigner for Londoners, Syed is playing a vital role representing Britain’s interests inside the European Parliament for these next two years in the run up to Brexit.

We spent the day talking to residents and making the case for their support on June 8th, to send Theresa May back to Number 10 with a strong negotiating hand in Brussels.

Speaking to shoppers and local businesses with Dr Liam Fox

Dr Liam Fox and Matt Hartley on Westmount Road, Eltham

Today I welcomed Dr Liam Fox, Secretary of State for International Trade, to Eltham to speak to shoppers and businesses on Westmount Road – including the bakery that is fuelling me through another campaign!

I was also pleased that Liam was able to join me on the doorstep on the Horn Park estate, speaking to residents about the work he is doing to open Britain up to the world following the Brexit vote.  I’m getting more and more long-time Labour voters offering their support for my campaign, voting Conservative for the first time. Continue reading Speaking to shoppers and local businesses with Dr Liam Fox

This wretched referendum is nearly over – the hard part comes next

EU referendum polling cardPlease note this post is from my previous blog. To read my posts during the 2017 General Election campaign click here.

As I blogged my thoughts at the start of this referendum, I thought I had better do so at the end too.  The campaign that has unfolded since is nearly over – but a far tougher test is on the way.

For my part, for all the sound and fury, the scare tactics, the endorsements, editorials, speeches and TV specials, my view remains unchanged – I’ll be voting Leave on Thursday, despite this interminable campaign, and not because of it. Continue reading This wretched referendum is nearly over – the hard part comes next