About Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley and Theresa MayI am honoured to be standing as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham in the General Election on 8th June.

I currently serve as a local councillor for Coldharbour & New Eltham ward, and am the Leader of the Opposition on Greenwich Council.  I have been a school governor of Ealdham Primary School for the last six years, and serve on the board of our local credit union.

In my day job, I work for a national advice charity.

As a local councillor, I have shown I can get things done for our area – such as regenerating the Coldharbour shops through my successful Mend The Mound campaign, securing a Living Wage Incentive Scheme to tackle low pay in our area, and exempting young care leavers from Council Tax to help them avoid financial difficulty.

I am now standing to be our MP because I want to do more. If elected, I will be the strong local voice that Eltham needs – campaigning on behalf of long-suffering commuters, to support the High Street and for an NHS that works for local people.

Since the election was called, I have knocked on thousands of doors across our area to talk to residents about the choice at the General Election on 8th June.  If you haven’t heard from me or the team yet, we will be with you very soon.

In the meantime I hope you find this website useful – and if you want to get in touch, please do not hesitate to contact me.

You can also find me on FacebookTwitter and read my latest updates here.

Matt Hartley

Matt Hartley
Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham

PS Here’s a quick video on why I’m standing to be our new MP…