Our manifesto for a strong Opposition in Greenwich

Manifesto-Twitter-0-MainGraphicToday Greenwich Conservatives have launched A strong, independent voice for you – our manifesto for the 2018 Greenwich Council elections.  Most local election manifestos set out what a political party would do if it took over the running of the council after the election.  This one doesn’t do that.

Instead, we are asking for residents to support us in these local elections to ensure our borough continues to have a strong Opposition Group at the Town Hall.

The reality is that the Labour Party has run Greenwich Council for the last 47 years – and as much I would love to think otherwise, this is highly unlikely to change this year.  In the last local elections in 2014, Labour won 43 out of the 51 seats on the council – with just 8 Conservative candidates elected.

As the only Opposition to Labour in the Council Chamber, we have worked hard over the last four years to stand up for our area, to get things done for residents, and to make their voices heard decisions are made at the Town Hall.

We have opposed Labour’s waste and inefficiency, scrutinised their poor decisions and exposed their failure to stand up to a do-nothing Labour Mayor of London who is letting us all down.

We have also called out their approach to local government for what it is – one long exercise in dodging responsibility and shifting blame, rather than focusing their energies on what the Council can itself do to improve our area.

As Leader of the Opposition, though, I’ve never believed that criticising ‘the other lot’ is enough – residents deserve better than that.  That’s why as well as holding Labour councillors to account, we have worked hard to bring about pro-active, positive change in our borough over the last four years.

Despite being in Opposition, Conservative councillors have proposed, campaigned for and secured measures that have helped local shops and small businesses, made our borough cleaner and greener, helped keep our communities safe, and supported the most vulnerable in our area.  We are proud of what we have achieved.

The choice at this election

At these elections, however, the very existence of an Opposition at the Town Hall is under threat.  The Labour Party wants to turn Greenwich into a one party state, by winning all 51 seats on the Council in the elections on May 3rd – and some commentators think they can do just that.

That would mean there would be no Opposition councillors left to scrutinise and oppose Labour’s decisions – and no one left to represent people who disagree.  The Council could just do whatever it likes.  We need residents’ support to help stop that from happening.

Manifesto spread imageYou can read full details of what we’ve achieved in the last four years in our manifesto, which sets out our campaigning priorities for the next four years, on local health and education, transport, small businesses, policing, housing, our environment and more.

As with all local elections, May 3rd should be about local issues – and who will best represent residents at the Town Hall for the next four years.  But this time, here in Greenwich, the elections have taken on an even greater importance.

The results on May 3rd could mean the difference between an all-Labour Council for the next four years or longer, able to do whatever it likes without any scrutiny at all – or a strong Opposition Group able to fight residents’ corner.

We hope you will consider lending us your support on May 3rd to ensure residents have the strong, independent voice they need.

Read the full Greenwich Conservatives 2018 Manifesto.

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