Bringing Boris back to Eltham

Yesterday I was delighted to bring the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, back to Eltham, to check up on his £2.8 million investment in our High Street when he was Mayor of London.

We spoke to shoppers and visited local businesses along the High Street – and it was particularly great to hear that so many business owners are supporting me in this election.  Like Theresa May, they know that the only way our local economy here can continue to thrive is by getting the right Brexit deal.

Boris was a force of nature, and was mobbed for selfies along the way, as ITV London’s video feed shows!

Here’s a few words from us both on why the election result here in Eltham is so crucial – and why I’m asking for your support next Thursday.

It was also great to meet with Ibrahim Oruc, who runs the superb Mega Bite cafe on Westmount Road, to talk about the opportunities that getting Brexit right can bring to our economy – including small businesses like his.

Boris Johnson and Matt Hartley visit Mega Bite cafe on Westmount Road

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