Theresa May is the Prime Minister we need

Theresa MayPlease note this post is from my previous blog. To read my posts during the 2017 General Election campaign click here.

Quite a week. Without a shadow of doubt, I will be casting my ballot for Theresa May to become Leader of the Conservative Party,  and the Prime Minister we need to bring this country back together.

I say this as a Brexiter who was proud to have played my small part in helping to bring about the UK’s vote to Leave the European Union last Thursday – the right result, and one that I think our children and grandchildren will thank us for.

The Home Secretary campaigned for the opposite – but it is clear that she can and will deliver the Brexit that 17 million people voted for, and lead a government that will negotiate for us the best possible terms.

Crucially, Theresa is the only candidate who can bring this country back together, after a referendum campaign that was far too bitter on both sides. We need to heal our divisions, and move on – with a Prime Minister who can lead the 48 percent, as well as the 52.

That unity is essential so we can take on the enormous task we now face of ensuring the UK is as safe, prosperous and free as we can make it as we negotiate our new place in the world.  It won’t be easy or painless, but we can do it.

Beyond that, and with the opposition in disarray, the country needs us to to get back to delivering the reforming One Nation Conservative government that 11 million people voted for just 14 months ago.

For both those tasks, Theresa May is the Prime Minister we need.

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