Greenwich Labour Cabinet Member sacked on the quiet

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It’s not often this blog carries breaking news – but it seems that Greenwich Labour’s Councillor John Fahy, the Deputy Leader of the Council, has been quietly sacked from his job as the borough’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services.

No announcement has been made by the Council or Greenwich Labour as to the reason John has been sacked from the brief he was appointed to by Council Leader Denise Hyland 18 months ago.

The council website’s Cabinet page has however been quietly changed this week – revealing that Councillor Miranda Williams has been promoted to take John’s place as Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, with responsibility for the borough’s schools.  It looks like Councillor Denise Scott-MacDonald has absorbed Miranda’s culture brief.  John is now simply listed as ‘Deputy Leader’ (an elected Labour Group position).

Cabinet screenshot

A quick glance this evening shows that Miranda has also changed her Twitter bio, but oddly has made no public mention on Twitter of what is by any measure, a big promotion for her.

Miranda screenshot

I’ve always got on well with John, despite our polar-opposite politics – and like many people, I have respect for him for standing up to former leader Chris Roberts.  Whatever the circumstances are that have led to his sacking in such a sudden mysterious way, no doubt they will come out soon.

There’s a bigger issue here, though.  The Cabinet Member for Children’s Services is one of the biggest jobs in the borough.  Any change in the role ought to be publicly announced – not slipped out quietly online.  Residents have a right to know: what on earth is going on with Greenwich Labour?

Update 22:50: John was expected to attend Children & Young People’s Scrutiny Panel meeting this evening to give an update – I’m told another Labour councillor referred mysteriously to the fact he was no longer the Cabinet Member at the meeting.

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