My new post for on why “the culture of Greenwich politics” really does need to change's new blogPlease note this post is from my previous blog. To read my posts during the 2017 General Election campaign click here.

I’m pleased to have been asked to blog on local affairs from time to time for, and today I have written my first post on it’s new multi-author blog on my approach to the coming General Election campaign in Greenwich & Woolwich, some of the challenges we face and why the “the culture of Greenwich politics” really does need to change. Take a read here.

As has been pointed out, you wait an age for a mutli-author blog to come along and then two turn up at once – as this week has also seen the launch of the promising Royal Greenwich Time blog bringing together alternative voices to the council’s taxpayer-funded organ of a similar name from across the political spectrum.  The first two posts are well worth a read.

I really hope both ventures take off – and there is clearly a space for both, with’s blog covering not only politics but the local arts scene, history and architecture too, and Royal Greenwich Time taking on the council administration’s attempts to stifle dissenting opinion head on.

With these new entrants joining sites like 853, Charlton Champion and The Only Way Is Woolwich – and not to mention good blogs run by former councillors Nigel Fletcher, Mary Mills and Alex Grant – it seems the quantity and quality of online debate is set to improve even further.  Which is very welcome – in a borough like Greenwich, we need all the debate (and dissent) we can get.

In the meantime, I hope you will take a look at my first post and use the comments section to share what you think.

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