Speaking to residents on the Coldharbour

Matt Hartley and Priti Patel visit

I’m incredibly grateful for the hundreds of messages of support I’ve had since my selection as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham on Tuesday night.  The campaign is well under way and my team and I are out knocking on as many doors as we can, talking about the high stakes in this election – nationally and locally.

I was pleased to welcome Secretary of State for International Development Priti Patel to the Coldharbour, in my council ward, on Friday afternoon, to talk to residents about the choice they face on June 8th.  My ward colleagues Cllr John Hills and Mandy Brinkhurst also joined us to take about some of the issues we’ve been tackling on the estate as local councillors.

There’s a packed weekend of campaigning ahead – in the meantime, the Mercury has covered the start of the campaign – you can read their article here – and like my Facebook page here.

A marathon and a sprint

Matt Hartley marathon

On Tuesday I was deeply honoured to be selected by local party members as the Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham in the General Election on June 8th.

The selection meeting came two days after I ran my first London Marathon – an interesting experience on day two of my recovery from 5 hours 53 minutes of running!

With just 41 days to go, this General Election, of course, isn’t a marathon – but a sprint.  I look forward to making my case to residents in the weeks ahead.

(On a personal note I would also like to thank residents, friends and colleagues for their support in the Marathon and help in raising funds for The Archway Project – and also the Mayor and my fellow councillors of all parties for their support and encouragement)

Tonight’s July Council meeting – how to watch & what to expect

Town Hall
Cllr Mark Elliott at the Town Hall

Last month I tried to get back into the habit of using my blog to shed some light on Full Council meetings at the Town Hall, for those interested! My blog post in advance of the June Full Council received an unexpected mention in the meeting, as it turns out my one-time Labour opposite number Cllr John Fahy is a voracious reader!  I’m not sure he liked what he read.

Cllr Fahy aside, the post got a fair few views and a positive reception, so I will try to continue in advance of Full Council meetings from now on.

Firstly, you can watch the meeting online here – on which, more later – and you can find the agenda here. Continue reading Tonight’s July Council meeting – how to watch & what to expect

Theresa May is the Prime Minister we need

Theresa MayQuite a week. Without a shadow of doubt, I will be casting my ballot for Theresa May to become Leader of the Conservative Party,  and the Prime Minister we need to bring this country back together.

I say this as a Brexiter who was proud to have played my small part in helping to bring about the UK’s vote to Leave the European Union last Thursday – the right result, and one that I think our children and grandchildren will thank us for.

The Home Secretary campaigned for the opposite – but it is clear that she can and will deliver the Brexit that 17 million people voted for, and lead a government that will negotiate for us the best possible terms. Continue reading Theresa May is the Prime Minister we need

A guide to tonight’s June Council meeting

Woolwich Town HallDespite everything else that’s going on, the business of government – and local government – continues.  Or in our case, local opposition!

Here’s a quick preview of tonight’s June Full Council meeting at Woolwich Town Hall, which you can watch – should you be so inclined – online from 7pm and afterwards here.  Here’s the agenda for the meeting.

Continue reading A guide to tonight’s June Council meeting

This wretched referendum is nearly over – the hard part comes next

EU referendum polling cardAs I blogged my thoughts at the start of this referendum, I thought I had better do so at the end too.  The campaign that has unfolded since is nearly over – but a far tougher test is on the way.

For my part, for all the sound and fury, the scare tactics, the endorsements, editorials, speeches and TV specials, my view remains unchanged – I’ll be voting Leave on Thursday, despite this interminable campaign, and not because of it. Continue reading This wretched referendum is nearly over – the hard part comes next

I’ve decided to #VoteLeave – here’s why

EU referendumI’ll be voting to leave the EU on 23rd June – not a position I was expecting to be in just a few months ago.  Here’s why.

I voted for David Cameron as Party Leader and think he is leading an outstanding government, delivering exactly the kind of One Nation reform the country needs.  I’m proud to have played my small part in the two election victories that put him, and kept him, in No 10.  I also think he has done everything he can to renegotiate the UK’s relationship with the EU – showing real tenacity to bring back a better deal to put to the public.

But for me, with a soul thoroughly searched, it’s just not enough. Continue reading I’ve decided to #VoteLeave – here’s why

Greenwich Labour Cabinet Member sacked on the quiet

It’s not often this blog carries breaking news – but it seems that Greenwich Labour’s Councillor John Fahy, the Deputy Leader of the Council, has been quietly sacked from his job as the borough’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services.

No announcement has been made by the Council or Greenwich Labour as to the reason John has been sacked from the brief he was appointed to by Council Leader Denise Hyland 18 months ago. Continue reading Greenwich Labour Cabinet Member sacked on the quiet

Why Syed Kamall has my vote for Mayor of London

Syed on the Greenwich campaign trail in 2014
Syed on the Greenwich campaign trail in 2014

In the space of two weeks, the contest for the Conservative nomination for Mayor of London has finally come alive.  The Party is lucky to have several strong candidates in the running – Zac Goldsmith, Andrew Boff, and now, after much deliberation, Syed Kamall joining the race on Friday.  All three have a lot to offer – and from the Greenwich perspective, Andrew and Syed have both been long-standing friends of our borough and its residents in their roles at the London Assembly and European Parliament.

I urged Syed to run earlier this year – and I’m backing him for the nomination now – because I know his ideas and his leadership are exactly what London needs to tackle the challenges it faces.  We share the same politics – achieving smaller, more effective government, backing businesses to create wealth and opportunity, and ensuring that anyone who works hard can achieve their aspirations.  Most importantly of all, we both believe in a relentless focus on tackling poverty – and not through the lazy idea that the only solution to a problem is for the state to throw money at it.

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